Test di posizionamento B2/C1

Nome Cognome
Corso di dottorato (facoltativo)
Test per verificare la competenza linguistica necessaria
per frequentare le lezioni di livello B2/C1 di Inglese.
E' obbligatorio usare le forme contratte dei verbi
Il test rileva la differenza tra maiuscole e minuscole


One mark for each correct answer
A: Sentence Transformation
Complete the second sentence of each pair so that it is as near as possible in meaning to the first, beginning each one as suggested.

1. I should have listened to you.
I wish .
2 They will announce the results of the competition tomorrow.
The results of the competition .
3. It was a bad idea for us to be rude to the policeman.
We shouldn't .
4. Terry arrived early, but it wasn't necessary.
Terry needn't .
5. "Is there anything wrong?"
He asked me .
6. They are building a new museum in the city centre.
A new museum .
7. Could you turn down the radio?
Would you mind ?
8. Someone has eaten my sandwich.
My sandwich .
9. "Why are you so late?"
He asked me .
10.People say the man is in his forties.
The man .
11.Sheila had long hair when she was at school.
Sheila used .
12.Why don't you leave now? That's what I would do.
If .

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