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The following grammar topics may be included on the exam:

  • The present simple
  • The present continuous (including action and non-action verbs)
  • The past simple: regular and irregular verbs
  • The past continuous
  • The past perfect
  • The future forms: going to for intentions and predictions; the present continuous for future arrangements; will/won’t for predictions; promises, offers, and decisions
  • The present perfect simple
  • The present perfect continuous
  • Conditionals (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
  • Reported speech
  • The passive form (all tenses)
  • Modals: can, could, be able to (ability and possibility); must, have to (obligation); may, might (possibility); should, shouldn’t (advice); must, may, might, might not, can’t (deduction)
  • Relative clauses (defining and non-defining): who, whose, which, where, that
  • The comparative and superlative
  • Gerunds and infinitives
  • Articles (use of definite, zero and indefinite articles)
  • Prepositions of time and place (at, in, on)
  • Common verb/preposition and noun/preposition combinations
  • Quantifiers
  • Problem structures: suggest, recommend, allow, advise, enable, make possible, likely, unlikely, appear, seem
  • Nominal groups
  • The infinitive of purpose
  • uncountable and countable nouns
  • transition signals (linkers)